It is our pleasure to invite you to our next Eat & Meet luncheon highlighting women alumna of the Fulbright program. Please join us on Thursday, 22 March at 12:30pm at the Royal Library in Brussels to get to know Drs. Janet Polasky and Eliane Van Stichel.

Places are limited, so please RSVP by Monday, 15 March to the following email address: We look forward to seeing you there!

About the featured alumnae:

Janet Polasky is Presidential Professor of History at the University of New Hampshire. She received her BA from Carleton College and her PhD from Stanford University. She first traveled to Belgium as a high school exchange student in the summer of 1968, and has been coming back ever since, twice with research Fulbrights. She has been affiliated with the history departments at KULeuven, the Universiteit Antwerpen, and the Universite libre de Bruxelles, and the Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie van Belgie voor Wetenschappen en Kunsten.

She is the author of five books, most recently, Revolution without Borders published in 2015 by Yale University Press. She is currently writing a book about political refugees, Asylum Between Nations.

Eliane Van Stichel’s Fulbright Grant took her to Wichita University in 1963, where she majored in English and Spanish, given her career as an interpreter. Over the course of the year, she obtained a BA. This later inspired her to pursue studies at Middlebury College (3 summers and work at VUB) for an MA. After several years of teaching at the International School of Brussels, she took sabbatical leave and started a PhD with NYU in Madrid. Later she was accepted at the University of New Mexico where after 4 years she received her PhD in Spanish Linguistics. She then took up a position as professor of Spanish Linguistics at San Diego State University for 3 years. She is grateful to Fulbright for inspiring her to continue her studies towards a PhD.