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In 1948, the first academic exchanges between the United States and Belgium and Luxembourg under the auspices of the Fulbright Program occurred, and in 2018 the Fulbright Commission in Brussels recognizes 70 years of continued successful exchanges. As part of the celebrations, we are highlighting the stories of alumni from the past 70 years, emphasizing that it is the people who make Fulbright what it is.

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The Fulbright Association for Belgium and Luxembourg invites you to support a great cause by donating towards the provision of additional Fulbright awards. Thank you to those of you who have previously made donations to the Fulbright Fund. All contributions go directly towards supporting talented grantees who would not otherwise receive a Fulbright Award.

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"We must try to expand the boundaries of human wisdom, empathy and perception, and there is no way of doing that except through education."

- J. William Fulbright


Meet some of the members who are running the FAAB Fulbright Association!

Louis-Hubert Pacco

President Louis-Hubert Pacco

Louis-Hubert Pacco was chosen as FAAB President in 2017. He received a Fulbright grant in 2009-2010 to study law at the University of Pennsylvania.

Vice President Filip Vandevelde

Our Vice President is Filip Vandevelde. He received a Fulbright grant in 2000-2001 to attend the Summer Institute for American Studies at Amherst College.

Gilles Moreau

Treasurer Gilles Moreau

Gilles Moreau received a Fulbright grant in 2005-2006 and obtained a Master's in Business Administration at Cornell University.

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